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Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
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On Jan 29, 2009, at 11:50 , Christian Prinoth wrote:

> Sorry for appending an unrelated conversation, just lazyness on my  
> side. About the post topic, I did not really know how to name it,  
> but since I was under the impression that a more complete  
> applescript dictionnary fr R-OSX could achieve what I am loooking  
> for, I chose to name it thus.

If you think so - what is missing? How would you envision it?

> So, going back to the real topic, could you please elaborate on what  
> "application that support data sharing" means? Is this some COM-like  
> protocol?

Whatever the application supports. This is not about R - this is about  
the application that uses R. R doesn't really care - since it can be  
linked as shared library it can be embedded into any application. The  
reason R uses COM on Windows (and that's only one of many ways BTW) is  
that it's what Excel supports if - R couldn't care less ;).

> This would be of interest not only relating to Excel for OSX, but  
> also other sw, like OpenOffice or Numbers.

The problem here again is that it would be of interest for those if  
they supported the same interface. I know at least that Numbers  
doesn't allow 3rd party extensions, so AppleScript is what you have to  
use (and you'll need iWork '09). For OpenOffice there is already the  
"R and Calc" add-on.


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>> On Jan 29, 2009, at 11:03 , Christian Prinoth wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> is there something similar to rcom on OSX? I understand that R for
>>> OSX has some limited applescript support, but I was wondering if
>>> there is an easy way to share data with other applications. My
>>> ultimate goal would be to use R together with a spreadsheet
>> as I can
>>> currently do on windows with R, rcom and Excel.
>> Well, the subject has apparently noting to do with your
>> question. All
>> I can say is you can use AppleScript to run commands in R from other
>> applications and you can use the default AS libraries to otherwise
>> control R -- so you, you can script R. In addition, R can
>> easily share
>> data with any application that supports data sharing. I have no idea
>> about Excel on Mac OS X since I don't use it, so someone
>> would have to
>> find out if it supports data exchange and how.
>> Cheers,
>> S
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