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Smith, Edward C nedsmith at uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 2 17:06:31 CET 2009

Thanks for the note, Brian.  This is very helpful.  As it turned out,  
I only needed to compile the packages locally using package source.   
This does not work for "statnet", but I was able to install all of its  
components (statnet is a kind of umbrella package).  So, it seems my  
original question about running both 32 and 64-bit is now irrelevant,  
gladly.  I still don't know why I was getting memory errors on the 32- 
bit architecture, but no need to fuss trying to figure it out now that  
things are running on the 64.  I was also able to get the 64-bit R.app  
GUI up and running...which is nice.

Thanks again for your help!


On Feb 2, 2009, at 2:33 AM, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> You should be able to install all the packages you need on a 64-but  
> machine -- the Linux community has been doing so for years, and 64- 
> bit Linux has been part of the testing equally for several years.   
> (I only have 64-bit Linux systems.)
> With 'statnet', the chain of dependencies includes 'rgl' where you  
> only have access to the X11 version (and will need to modify the  
> sources to build it).  I suspect that this is actually a problem  
> with the statnet suite - 'shapes' claims to depend on rgl but  
> probably should only suggest it.  This is the not the place, but the  
> authors of the suite need to be asked to study and follow 'Writing R  
> Extensions'.
> We know about the rgl issues, and workarounds are being discussed.
> 'igraph' compiles from the sources on x86_64 Mac OS -- what problems  
> did you encounter when you tried?
> Running 32- and 64-bit R on the same machine is very simple (start  
> up with R --arch=), but I suspect what you are talking about is  
> running R.app (the GUI).  I'll leave Simon to explain that.
> On Sun, 1 Feb 2009, Smith, Edward C wrote:
>> Simon, I'm following up a post that you responded to online.   
>> Apologies for the unsolicited email, but I thought you might be  
>> able to answer a quick question.  I'm running Mac OSX (Leopard)  
>> with 4GB RAM.  Nevertheless, I was getting the Error: Cannot  
>> allocate vector of....etc. message running some data and routines  
>> on the 32-bit R that I installed from CRAN.  I then installed the  
>> 64-bit and was able to run what I needed without a memory error,  
>> BUT, the problem I have now is that I can't seem to get a few  
>> necessary packages to work in the new version.  Specifically, I use  
>> routines from the "statnet" and "igraph" packages quite a bit.
>> I see two options.  First, I'd like to have both the 32 and 64 bit  
>> versions installed on my machine so that I can switch back and  
>> forth.  It seems as soon as I get one installed, the other stops  
>> working, and vice versa.  The other, better, option is figuring out  
>> a way to get the packages to work in the 64-bit version.  Is this  
>> possible?  I use the GUI for both 32 bit and 64 bit (installed the  
>> latter per your instructions).  Now I seem to be lost completely.
>> Any help would be much appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Ned Smith
>> University of Chicago Booth School of Business
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