[R-SIG-Mac] OS 10.5.8 Compatibility

Francis Smart smartfra at msu.edu
Sat Dec 5 21:05:20 CET 2009

Dear R people,

I am running OS 10.5.8 on my PowerBook G4 and unfortunately it will
not allow me to upgrade to Snow Leopard, because it does not run an
Intel Chip.

I have downloaded a version of R and it does not appear to be stable.
I have thought about about installing Linux to ensure a stable build
but unfortunately I bought the PowerBook G4 used and I did not come
with install disks.  The Leopard install disks I do have refuse to run
on an non-Intel machine.  So if I installed Linux, that would mean
that I would have to uninstall OS X and I probably would not be able
to reinstall it.

So I guess I am wondering if anybody has a build of R that they know
is stable on 10.5.8.  Also, I am sure there are other potential
solutions that I have not thought of.

Any recommendations?

Thank you for your time,
Francis Smart
(202) 540-8108 primary

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