[R-SIG-Mac] Does 64-bit R use multiple cores?

John C. Tull jctull at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 05:24:23 CET 2008

Dear R-mac Users:

I'm wanting to leverage an 8-core Intel Mac Pro for all of its  
computational glory. Looking over the mail list, it appears that the  
conversation on 64-bit builds of R has been about gaining access to  
memory beyond the 32-bit limit of 3.5 GB and not about multiple  

Does running 64-bit R only take advantage of one processor core at a  
time like the standard 32-bit R, or does it do symmetric  
multiprocessing (is this the right terminology?). If no, is there any  
possibility of doing this using X-grid or otherwise that someone can  
detail? I do have 10.5 Server if I have to go down that road.


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