[R-SIG-Mac] can Mac run multiple R tasks

David Rossiter rossiter at itc.nl
Thu Mar 13 12:12:09 CET 2008

Don't forget you can run R from Terminal. So there you can have any
number of Terminal windows open, each with its own R. You can even open
a quartz device (although non-interactive). You can also run it under
X-windows (from xterm for example) and there you have an x11 device.

D G Rossiter
International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth
Observation (ITC)
Enschede, The Netherlands

> Hi,
> I am a new MacPro user. So far, I am very happy with the 
> performance of MacPro.
> However, I cannot not figure out if I can open multiple R 
> Console to run multiple R tasks in my MacPro.
> Every time I click R icon and want to start a new task, the 
> old R task will always pop-up.
> Let me know if you have answers. Thanks.
> Ling

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