[R-SIG-Mac] cmd-return in editor does not go to next line

Tim Cole Tim.Cole at ich.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Mar 5 10:44:48 CET 2008

I can see the benefit of single stepping in some cases, but I 
wouldn't want to lose the current behaviour.

Whiile on the subject, cmd-return has an odd feature. Once a line has 
been submitted using cmd-return, it needs two returns not one to move 
from the end of the line to the next. I suspect this is not intended 
- can it be changed?


On 05/03/2008, at 5:03 AM, Duncan Murdoch wrote:

>  On 3/4/2008 2:31 PM, Simon Urbanek wrote:
>>  Rune,
>>  On Mar 4, 2008, at 1:12 PM, Rune Maagensen wrote:
>>>  I've just started using R 2.62 on OSX 10.4.11 on a macbook 2,1 and
>>>  found that in the Editor on Windows ctrl-R runs the current line and
>>>  goes to the next line. On Mac cmd-return runs the current line and
>>>  stays there. Shouldn't the cursor go to the next line, so a program
>>>  can be run stepwise with multiple cmd-rtn instead of cmd-rtn down-
>>>  arrow?
>>  It was not designed to do so, but clearly it could be changed,  I'm
>>  not sure it's good idea, though, as it combines an action (execute a
>>  line) with a change of selection and that is usually not desirable (I
>>  know that WIndows is known to breach UI design principles all over
>>  the
>>  place, but that's another story). Most commonly one uses selection to
>>  select the program/function that will be run instead and you don't
>>  want to change the position there. Any comments on this from other
>>  users?
>  In Windows the mental image is that there are two functions attached
>  to
>  Ctrl-R:
>  - if something is selected, then submit it.
>  - if not, then single step through the script.
>  The second function is what Rune is asking about.  I'd say it's good
>  to
>  have a "single step" function on a key.  It doesn't need to be the
>  same
>  key as "submit the selection", but it doesn't seem to lead to
>  confusion
>  if it is.
>  On a Mac in the Xcode debugger, what's the key for single stepping?
>  (My
>  Mac is at home, I can't check.)  It would make a lot of sense to use
>  that key for single stepping in the script editor too.
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