[R-SIG-Mac] Moving to beginning of line

Ken Williams ken.williams at thomsonreuters.com
Wed Jul 30 18:45:47 CEST 2008


Regarding the following change in R.app version 1.25 (5166):

Last-update: 2008-06-16 [SU]
*    fix moveToBeginningOfLineAndModifySelection: (<Cmd><Shift><Left>)
    to behave as expected; implement deleteToBeginningOfLine:
    Note that *BeginningOfLine*: is still implemented the same as
    *BeginningOfParagraph*: which may lead to some confusion when
    working with multi-line commands (but this was always the case).

I can't seem to get my cursor to move to the beginning of the line anymore.
When I do <Cmd><Left>, the cursor just sits there at the right (or in the
middle) of the line, it doesn't move.

In version 1.24 <Cmd><Left> was already broken and did nothing, but I could
work around it by doing <Cmd><Shift><Left> and then <Left>.  Unfortunately
this doesn't work anymore.  Now the first action does correctly highlight
the part of the line to the left of the cursor, but <Left> does nothing.
<Right> puts my cursor back where it was before <Cmd><Shift><Left>.

Looks like a workaround is the Emacs keystroke <Cmd>-a.

Ken Williams
Research Scientist
The Thomson Reuters Corporation
Eagan, MN

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