[R-SIG-Mac] curiosity about indenting and hyphens in R.app editor

Day, Roger S. day at upci.pitt.edu
Mon Jul 14 15:47:55 CEST 2008

I've tried indenting a block of text in the R.app editor using a
convention - highlight, then press "tab".
It doesn't work of course.
Trying alt-Tab to see if un-indenting works,
I found that alt-Tab inserts a tab, a hyphen-like character (but not a
unix od reports three bytes, 342 201 203),
and another tab.  

On rare occasions, I find that in a session pasting anything at all
causes a set of lines to indent with the strange character imbedded.
Restarting R removes the behavior.

Cute stuff like filtering through a unix pipeline to add a tab
and pasting into the editor leads to the same strange character.

Not a complaint (though indenting and ex-denting a block would be
just curious!

Version: 2.7.1 RC (2008-06-15 r45927)
R.app GUI 1.25-dev (5153)
macBook Pro.

Roger Day 
University of Pittsburgh 

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