[R-SIG-Mac] R-devel problem: quartz produces pdf file that is upside-down and backwards

Todd A. Johnson tjohnson at src.riken.jp
Mon Feb 18 11:41:28 CET 2008

I realize that R-devel is experimental code, but just in case this is an
unexpected/unknown bug, I thought that I should report it.

If I do a simple plot using Quartz:

quartz(type="pdf", file="/Users/MyUsername/Desktop/test.pdf");

I end up with a pdf file that is upside-down and back-to-front.  Specifying
type as png or tif produces normal images.

I've tried several 2.7 versions, and the 2/2/08 (r44303) version does not do
this, but this does occur from as early as 2/10/08 (r44415) through the
latest 2/17/08 (r44506).

This occurs on both by G4 Powerbook 12" and my Mac Pro 4-core (both with
10.5.2), using R from Terminal or from the R.app console.

Best wishes,


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