[R-SIG-Mac] Basic C / Leopard question (for R dll creation)

Retzer Joe retzerjj at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 21:22:50 CET 2008

I have a very basic need to write some C code, create a dll and load/ 
run in R. I'm a bit confused however about the best C compiler for  
Leopard. I've seen notes on Dev Tools, Xcode, Objective C, GCC, etc.  
My very basic "newbie" question is what compiler is recommended and  
where is it available (i.e. on the web, Leopard disk etc.). Any advice  
on that and any hints about how to install/run in Leopard would be  
very much appreciated.

(I'm using OS X 10.5.2, latest release of R, on an Intel Core Duo Mac)

Many thanks,
Joe Retzer

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