[R-SIG-Mac] Accessing repository at R.research.att.com (duplicate)

David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Mon Dec 8 21:24:40 CET 2008

Apologies for sending the earlier message to an existing thread. At  
the very least I should have changed hte subject line. If sending this  
is also the wrong way to correct that error, let me know.
Dear listeRs;

I have been using the CRAN repositories and building new packages from  
source using the GUI Package Installer. No real problems. Sometimes  
the dependencies are not entirely clear but reading the error messages  
has so far allowed me to build everything I have attempted except  
rattle, RGobi, and  Gtk2. Am I supposed to be able to see the binaries  
in the R.research.att.com repository? I get this message when  
attempting to use the "Other repository" choice with the default entry  
offered by the 64 bit R.app.

Warning: unable to access index for repository http://R.research.att.com/bin/macosx/universal/contrib/2.8

 > sessionInfo()
R version 2.8.0 Patched (2008-11-14 r46932)


attached base packages:
[1] stats4    splines   grid      stats     graphics  grDevices  
utils     datasets  methods   base

other attached packages:
[1] boot_1.2-34        Design_2.1-2       Hmisc_3.4-4         
coin_1.0-0         vcd_1.2-0          colorspace_1.0-0
[7] strucchange_1.3-4  sandwich_2.1-0     zoo_1.5-4           
mvtnorm_0.9-2      modeltools_0.2-16 survival_2.34-1
[13] mapproj_1.1-7.2    ggplot2_0.8        RColorBrewer_1.0-2  
proto_0.3-8        reshape_0.8.2      plyr_0.1.3
[19] maps_2.0-40        MASS_7.2-44

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
[1] cluster_1.11.11 lattice_0.17-15 party_0.9-99    tools_2.8.0

Thank you for your time.

David Winsemius
Heritage Labs

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