[R-SIG-Mac] sound::setWavPlayer()

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Wed Aug 27 16:52:37 CEST 2008

On 27.08.2008, at 16:38, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> FWIW the default should be to use "open" because that allows the  
> user to map .wav to any applications they desire, you should not be  
> hard-coding that in your code via -a.
Yes of course. In my script I only check if the command begins with  

> On a similar note sound could do a better job of finding player  
> since most users that deal with audio/video are likely to already  
> have mplayer installed, so checking for mplayer and play may be a  
> good idea.

> Finally, playing sound on OS X takes one line of code, so adding a  
> player directly to the package would be trivial (or maybe creating a  
> package that does the playing if desired..).
setWavPlayer is doing this. It sets options()$wavplayer. It simply  
contains the shell command.
The tricky thing is the chosen procedure of findWavPlayer. It tests  
for hard-coded known applications for a given OS platform. But this  
could be done better.

The problem here was that the new Macs with Leopard are too fast ;) I  
tried it out with my old Tiger ppc Mac (1.8GHz) and everthing works  
fine, but on my new G5 with 8 cores 3GHz it doesn't work.

But I'm just in contact with maintainer. Maybe we find a good solution  
for it.



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