[R-SIG-Mac] [bug report] R.app GUI Color Configuration Dialog - Unable to change background color

Punit Agrawal punitagrawal at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 20:41:14 CEST 2008


I am new to using R and I have come across a behavior which might
possibly be a bug. Although it could just be my unfamiliarity with the

I have installed version 2.7 of R on Apple iBook running OS X 10.5
(Leopard). I am using v1.24 (5102) of the R.app gui tool. I have been
trying to change the default background color for this tool (from
white to something else), but no matter what I try on closing the
color selection dialog, the background reverts to blue. The only other
color I have working for me is the default one - white background (set
using the default button).

I am not sure if I any additional steps are needed to change colors.
If so, I would appreciate directions (or pointers to directions) of
how to go about this. And if it is a bug, I'd be glad to provide any
additional information and/or testing to help resolve this issue.

Thanks for making available the gui.

Punit Agrawal

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