[R-SIG-Mac] 64-bit R-build on Mac OS X 10.4

Steven McKinney smckinney at bccrc.ca
Wed Nov 7 04:23:39 CET 2007

  On Aug 29, 2007, Simon Urbanek wrote (in response to Sayan Pathak):
  > My apologies if this is a naive question. I am new to Mac and also  
  > compiling R from source for the first time. Could you please suggest  
  > what should I be doing?
  Use --without-iconv (or compile 64-bit libiconv from Apple sources if  
  you know how). Tiger has 32-bit iconv only, so you have either to  
  disable iconv support or to get the 64-bit version.


Hi Simon,

Would you be able to give more guidance on how to compile 64-bit
libiconv for Tiger, or is it possible for you to package the
64-bit libiconv you built?

I can compile 64-bit R using the  --without-iconv Switch,
make check
fails when the R iconv() function is encountered in the
make check tests.

I see this warning after running configure:
configure: WARNING: --with-iconv=no is deprecated and will be withdrawn shortly

So 64-bit libiconv apparently will soon be required?

Best regards

Steve McKinney

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