[R-SIG-Mac] Strange Error...

Andrew Beckerman a.beckerman at sheffield.ac.uk
Fri May 18 13:06:38 CEST 2007

OSX 10.4.9
R 2.5.0

While editing a script, the following error occured - I was adding  
specification for the x variable in the akima function interp, if  
that helps.  I type xo, the ( and the editor finished the ) and the  
hiccup happend.  The editor is now locked.  Console works fine.  I  
don't really understand.... but perhaps its interesting?

2007-05-18 12:02:30.950 R[545] Exception raised during posting of  
notification.  Ignored.  exception: -[NSLayoutManager  
_fillGlyphHoleAtIndex:desiredNumberOfCharacters:] *** attempted glyph  
generation while textStorage is editing.  It is not valid to cause  
the layoutManager to do glyph generation while the textStorage is  
editing (ie the textStorage has been sent a beginEditing message  
without a matching endEditing.)


Dr. Andrew Beckerman
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