[R-SIG-Mac] focus lost after install.packages()

Rob J Goedman goedman at mac.com
Tue May 8 16:51:35 CEST 2007


Version 4330 of the GUI at http://r.research.att.com/ contains some  
fixes for below kind of issues:

>> install.packages()
> After installing, focus does not return to the R prompt.

>>> 1) If I type e.g. '?mean' the help window appears. Fine. I type  
>>> +W to close it (or with the mouse). It closes.
>>> But: If I want to type my next command, I cannot because the  
>>> focus is
>>> not set to the R.app console. (Maybe this could be implemented?)

>> Although I can't reproduce it now, I have often seen this dialog  
>> reappear

> The strange behavior of older versions or R.app where windows that
> have been closed and therefore should no longer be listed in the
> Windows menu but somehow sometimes remain listed, is still there.

***Not*** solved:

> A short addition:
> If you search for 'Hurz' by using the R console's help input box
> (upper right one), you get the dialog. If you press ENTER for
> accepting 'NO' the focus is somewhere. Now you can press APPLE+1,
> APPLE+2, APPLE+3, APPLE+<  ... nothing happens. You have to press TAB
> for going back to the console. (!?)

Haven't figured out what's happening here. Even if it finds help, say  
for mean, focus is lost. For now TAB will have to do.

If you don't use svn + Xcode, you can either download the GUI for  
2.6.0 (if that's the R version you're using) or R-2.5-branch- 
xxxxx.dmg from Simon's page above to get an updated version of R.app.


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