[R-SIG-Mac] History problems with R.app GUI 1.20

Vili Lehdonvirta vili.lehdonvirta at hiit.fi
Mon Jul 9 17:32:51 CEST 2007

On 9 Jul 2007, at 17:27, Rob J Goedman wrote:
> What are your preference settings for history (Startup preferences)  
> under R.app?
> By selecting the 'cleanup history entries' the extra lines should  
> disappear.

This worked, thank you. The trick was to check this option and  
restart R.app before even attempting to save a history file. This  
option had become unchecked while I was trying to find ways to make  
the autosave work properly.

So after this, I was able to save and load history files through the  
GUI without any problems coming up at least during my tests. However,  
the automatic loading of history upon exit was still broken: mostly  
not working at all, but a couple of times during my tests actually  
saving it, once in the corrupted format (with #'s).

I then received further advice from Rob:

> I should have pointed out that in R.app the R calls 'savehistory()'  
> and 'loadhistory()' do
> not really work. In one other case a call to savehistory() was made  
> in .Last which will
> in some cases create problems. To test this, rename the history  
> file in the preferences
> for startup ti say myHistory (instead of .Rhistory, which is used  
> by R itself).

After I renamed the history file, the autosave/load seemed to start  
working flawlessly as well. All my problems are thus fixed. Thank you!

-- Vili

By the way: since upgrading from 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 I started getting the  
message pasted below in red letters on the editor screen upon  
startup, either before or after the R splash text. Sometimes it does  
not appear at all. Nothing seems broken so far, but I thought I would  
mention it.

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