[R-SIG-Mac] Wiki or Development for Mac-R.app-graphics-insert-to-Word?

stefano iacus jago at mclink.it
Mon Jan 29 22:27:57 CET 2007

Another trick is to open your save quartz graphics with Preview.app  
and then Save As... some other graphic format, including png.

Also, copying to the clipboard from the quartz device should copy  
both in PICT format and PDF format. Copy and paste from the clipboard  
into Word works, but I'm not able to test if word under windows  
accepts such embedded PICT files even if Word compatibility report  
says it is ok.

BTW, I think it would be nice if we can produce some WMF format  
grabbing some code from the copy.to.clipboard funtionality of R for   
WinDog (unless the code uses some .DLL)

I also agree that copy from Excel into R is a nice thing to do, but I  
don't see too much people willing to implement this.


On 29/gen/07, at 21:53, Byron Ellis wrote:

> On 1/29/07, Simon Urbanek <simon.urbanek at r-project.org> wrote:
>> To get back on the topic: To be honest I don't really see a problem
>> here - Word can handle PDF very easily, just drop a PDF file in a
>> Word document - it works just fine (to make sure I'm talking about
>> Office 2004 here).
>> The fact that it does so in Microsoft-ish way, that is by converting
>> it to a bitmap, is a technicality and given the overall quality of
>> Word output it is neither surprising nor will a regular Word user
>> notice this at all.
> Unfortunately, it happens to convert it to a form of bitmap that is
> not visible on PC platforms unless they have Quicktime installed (as I
> rediscover every time I need to make a Word document... :-) )
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