[R-SIG-Mac] Building R GUI

thatsanicehatyouhave at mac.com thatsanicehatyouhave at mac.com
Thu Feb 15 14:03:57 CET 2007

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the tips. I downloaded the R source and built it directly  
(using the HPC gfortran as recently discussed). I had to add -I/sw/ 
include for the system to find /sw/include/libintl.h, but otherwise  
all was fine.

I upgraded to Xcode 2.4.1 - don't know how I missed that.

After cleaning the project, I removed /Library/R.framework from the  
project and added (via absolute path) my newly built R.framework...  
but I still get the same error. Am I missing something else I need to  

Thanks for all the help. There's a bug in the GUI that I'm dying to  
track down and fix once and for all. :)



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