[R-SIG-Mac] [BioC] Mac os x graphviz-Rgraphviz problem

Anand Gavai anand.gavai at wur.nl
Mon Feb 5 15:16:58 CET 2007

Fine with me but at 12..?


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A note regarding lib paths for graphviz:  (based on my own installations)

.../graphviz-2.8/lib: /graphviz/{libgvc.so, etc}
.../graphviz-2.12/lib: libgvc.so, etc.
                      /graphviz/{libgvplugin_* , etc)

For 2.8, it's sufficient to have
in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  While for 2.12, I've got to (manually) add
to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to make libgvc.so visible to the loader.

This is probably where the path was not set quite right for graphviz 2.12.


> Your example works fine for me on Mac OS X ppc 10.4.8 with R-2.4.1 and
graphviz 2.12 compiled from source.
> You can check your graphviz version from R by doing
> R> graphvizVersion()
> You have an error in the Graphviz version reported below, I assume you
are talking about Rgraphviz' version. When you run it in the X11 xterm
(which I assume you are talking about), it seems as if some PATH/library
settings are messed up. I don't know anything about Darwinports
configuration, so I am afraid I cannot help much.
> Getting Rgraphviz to work requires some connection between graphviz and
Rgraphviz, and it is important for us to know what you installed, and
especially how. I assume Darwinports compile from source? Since you have
installed several different flavours of Graphviz, are you certain that
you have cleaned up after you? Using the Graphviz binary provided by
Simon Urbanek should work, but I find it  bit puzzling which versions
(and how you installed them) you are discussing below.
> So, try to reinstall Rgraphviz the way you describe below. Note what
version of Graphviz R is linking to, both by looking at the compile
statements when installing the package (which is why you need to
reinstall) as well as trying
> R> graphvizVersion()
> and then see if something is not matching.
> Btw. you are most certainly not running Graphviz 2.8 under MS
> Windows, unless you have taken major pains to do so.
> Personally, Graphviz used to be a pain to install on the Mac, but the
new version (2.12) compiled easily for me.
> Kasper
> On Feb 1, 2007, at 1:45 PM, Gavai, Anand wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am having problems making Rgraphviz working with graphviz.
>> I installed R from Darwin ports "http://darwinports.opendarwin.org/
>> by
>>> sudo port install r
>> I set my environment variables in my .bash_profile e.g export PATH=/
>> I also installed other packages which are required for Rgraphviz like
"graphviz" and "pkgconfig" by
>>> sudo port install graphviz
>>> sudo port install pkgconig
>> both these commands will also install dependencies which are
>> required. After this
>> I start up an R session being root and get the latest version of
bioconductor packages by sourcing it from bioconductor website
>>> source("http://www.bioconductor.org/biocLite.R")
>>> biocLite()
>> waited for a while and then install
>>> biocLite("Rgraphviz",depend=TRUE,type="source")
>> it worked fine when i opened it in a Terminal window, only the
>> loading part but when I run something like this
>>> library("Rgraphviz")
>>> a<-c(1,0)
>>> b<-c(1,1)
>>> d<-rbind(a,b)
>>> graphObj = ftM2graphNEL(d)
>>> plot(graphObj)
>> it gives me the following error messages
>> *** caught bus error ***
>> address 0x40, cause 'non-existent physical address'
>> Traceback:
>>  1: .Call("Rgraphviz_doLayout", graph, as.integer(type), PACKAGE =
>> "Rgraphviz")
>>  2: layoutGraph(g)
>>  3: agopen(x, name = name, layout = TRUE, layoutType = y, attrs =
>> attrs,     nodeAttrs = nodeAttrs, edgeAttrs = edgeAttrs, subGList =
subGList,     recipEdges = recipEdges)
>>  4: .local(x, y, ...)
>>  5: plot(graphObj)
>>  6: plot(graphObj)
>> Possible actions:
>> 1: abort (with core dump)
>> 2: normal R exit
>> 3: exit R without saving workspace
>> 4: exit R saving workspace
>> Selection:
>> I cannot put here the sessionInfo() as i need to abort it, the
>> the Graphviz version i have is 1.310.  I also tried to install and
configure 2.8 previously with no luck.
>> in  X11
>> when i load this library("Rgraphviz") in X11 interface it gives
following error message
>> Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) :
>>         unable to load shared library '/Library/Frameworks/
>> R.framework/Resources/library/Rgraphviz/libs/i386/Rgraphviz.so':
>>   dlopen(/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/library/
>> Rgraphviz/libs/i386/Rgraphviz.so, 6): Symbol not found: _agfstnode
>>   Referenced from: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/
>> library/Rgraphviz/libs/i386/Rgraphviz.so
>>   Expected in: dynamic lookup
>> Error: .onLoad failed in 'loadNamespace' for 'Rgraphviz'
>> Error: package/namespace load failed for 'Rgraphviz'
>> the sessionInfo() here is
>>> sessionInfo()
>> R version 2.4.1 (2006-12-18)
>> i386-apple-darwin8.8.1
>> locale:
>> C
>> attached base packages:
>> [1] "tools"     "stats"     "graphics"  "grDevices" "utils"
>> "datasets"
>> [7] "methods"   "base"
>> other attached packages:
>> geneplotter    annotate     Biobase       graph
>>    "1.12.0"    "1.12.1"    "1.12.2"    "1.12.0"
>> Any help in this regard is appreciated. I had simimar problem in the
past with Suse Linux we managed to solve it, and my Windows station is
working fine with Graphviz 2.8 and Rgraphviz
>> only my mac system (intel tiger) is a bit of a problem. I manually
tried to install graphviz and Rgraphviz using the source files and
setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PKG_LIBRARY_PATH but in vain the only way
to install them together without errors is through a darwinport.
>> Regards,
>> Anand
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