[R-SIG-Mac] RGUI 1.19: closing help window problem

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Mon Apr 30 09:23:49 CEST 2007


On 29 Apr 2007, at 14:46, Jörg Beyer wrote:

>> 1) If I type e.g. '?mean' the help window appears. Fine. I type APPLE
>> +W to close it (or with the mouse). It closes.
>> But: If I want to type my next command, I cannot because the focus is
>> not set to the R.app console. (Maybe this could be implemented?)
>> OK. I press APPLE+` to select the R.app console BUT now the help
> Did you change that shortcut? The default is Cmd-1/Apple-1, or am I  
> missing
> something?

As far as I know: APPLE+` (US keyboard) = APPLE+< (German keyboard)

> ...
> (4) Dialogs can be affected, too. Example: Open the help window,  
> and search
> for something that can't be found, e.g. 'Hurz'. You will get a  
> dialog that
> asks you how to proceed. Choose "No" to close it (or is it "Cancel"  
> in the
> English GUI?).
> Although I can't reproduce it now, I have often seen this dialog  
> reappear
> for whatever reason during the last few month. And if it reappears,  
> it is
> crippled: No message, only one button, and no chance to get rid of  
> it at
> all.

A short addition:
If you search for 'Hurz' by using the R console's help input box  
(upper right one), you get the dialog. If you press ENTER for  
accepting 'NO' the focus is somewhere. Now you can press APPLE+1,  
APPLE+2, APPLE+3, APPLE+<  ... nothing happens. You have to press TAB  
for going back to the console. (!?)

Here I see a small consistence problem.
If I'm in the console TAB invokes the auto-complete function, well  
normally TAB sets the focus to next input box in the window. I  
understand why TAB is chosen but maybe ESC (resp. with modifier keys)  
would be better.
On the other hand I don't know how to set the focus to this upper  
right help input box with the keyboard
(OK, I don't need this but ...).



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