[R-SIG-Mac] RGUI 1.19: closing help window problem; Auto-Pair, auto-completion suggestions

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Fri Apr 27 10:01:24 CEST 2007


I just installed RGUI 1.19. It is really well done! Thanks a lot!

I have three tiny things:

1) If I type e.g. '?mean' the help window appears. Fine. I type APPLE 
+W to close it (or with the mouse). It closes.
But: If I want to type my next command, I cannot because the focus is  
not set to the R.app console. (Maybe this could be implemented?)
OK. I press APPLE+` to select the R.app console BUT now the help  
window appears again!
If I use the mouse clicking into the console it works well. But I'm  
usually a keyboard user.

I'm using R 2.5.0 (2007-04-23) GUI 1.19 (4308) on Mac G5 10.4.9 PPC

2) Auto-Pair: I mean if I type 'matrix(' RGUI adds the closing  
parathesis automatically. This is very helpful. It also works for  
'[', '{'.
My suggestion is to add this functionality also to ' and ". It is  
often the case that I forget a closing ' in commands like source 
('file, chdir=T).

3) Auto-Completion
This is also very helpful! But there are some tiny things to mention:
If I type 'matri' and I press TAB or CTRL+. it suggests 'matrix('.  
Fine, but if I press ENTER it inserts a new line as well. OK I can  
use ARROWRIGHT, but I think pressing ENTER is more common. The next  
is that if I press ARROWRIGHT it inserts 'matrix(' not 'matrix(|)' [|  
indicates the cursor]. I believe this would be more straightforward  
to do so.

A future topic could be to implement a context specific auto- 
completion of parameters for a given command.
Example: I type 'matrix(data, by' and press TAB to auto-complete 'by'  
to 'byrow='
[Maybe 'byrow=' plus a pull-down menu with TRUE, FALSE if the  
parameter is boolean ;) ]

Furthermore a pull-down menu of all available parameters used in a  
function would be great.


I know to implement such things costs much effort. These suggestions  
should only be understood as a kind of stimuli.

Nevertheless to work with RGUI makes really fun!



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