[R-SIG-Mac] R crashes on opening of script

Martin Gamache alpinemappingguild at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 28 17:00:19 CEST 2006


I've tracked down the source of the error by installing versior  2.2.1

It turns out a few days ago I had disabled all my system fonts in order to 
some font problems. I had not re-activated them. As a result version 3.2.1 
was very
unstable. Version 2.2.1 was more stable and also returned an error message 
a missing font. This led me to the problem. V.3.2.1 is now functioning as 
with all system fonts available. I had also installed the new GUI.

Thanks for the response.

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> On Sep 26, 2006, at 10:31 PM, alpinemappingguild at earthlink.net wrote:
>> Map PowerBook G4
>> OSX 10.4.7
>> R Version 2.3.1 (2006-06-01) 3819
>> New user here, some positive experience with R in Windows O/S, but  so 
>> far no luck with Mac version.
> I'm sorry about that - the GUI version you are using (3819) was 
> experimental and has a rather nasty bug in the document handling. 
> Although updating the GUI to the latest development version is  usually 
> recommended as it contains bug fixes, occasionally it can  happen that we 
> actually introduce one in the process of fixing  another one.
>> Installed R but experiencing persistent and repeated crashes when  trying 
>> to open script files or creating a new. empty document from  the console 
>> or using File>new document. Application waits a few  seconds, then SBOD, 
>> then crash.
> Thanks, this should be fixed now in the revision 3825 of the GUI - it 
> will be available from the nightly builds website ( http:// 
> r.research.att.com ) tonight.
>> Not sure how to retrieve crash report but any help would be much 
>> appreciated.
> There are two ways to get a crash report. The first one is simple -  when 
> an application crashes, OS X asks you whether you want to send a  report 
> to Apple. Say "yes" and it will show you a window with the  full report - 
> don't click on "Send to Apple", just copy the text of  the report and send 
> it to us instead.
> If you had a crash and want to see the report later, go to  Application -> 
> Utilities -> Console. If you don't see a list of logs  on the left, click 
> on "Logs" in the toolbar. Unfold ~/Library/Logs  and there CrashReporter 
> and then look for R.crash.log. It will have  all your crashes, so look for 
> the recent one.
> Thanks,
> Simon
> PS: Please use real name in your posts when possible, anonymous post  or 
> posts using obscure e-mail names tend to be dismissed or ignored  more 
> readily.

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