[R-SIG-Mac] Several R bugs

Gene gene02_rsigmac at smalltime.com
Wed Sep 20 20:02:39 CEST 2006

On Sep 20, 2006, at 10:39 AM, Rob J Goedman wrote:

> It looks like you have the 'Strip comments in history entries' set  
> in your startup preferences which causes this to happen. Could you  
> check that? That setting also causes problems if working with  
> hexadecimal numbers. I find the setting useful if I have many  
> comment lines in multiline history entries.

Yup, that was it.  I guess we need a slightly smarter comment parser.

>> Finally, a feature request:  A search field for the history.  It can
>> be hard to find things in the history drawer, especially since multi-
>> line entries only show their first line in the drawer, so I am forced
>> to save the history and open it in a text editor, or search through
>> the main console.  And the main point of the history drawer is to not
>> have to look through the console window.
> Guess [up arrow] in R Console doesn't work for you?

up arrow does work, it's just a problem when I have to go far back  
through history.  What I miss is a terminal-like control-R search  
back through history feature.

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