[R-SIG-Mac] Several R bugs

Gene gene02_rsigmac at smalltime.com
Wed Sep 20 19:15:37 CEST 2006

I've got two new and one old bug I thought I'd mention.  First, here  
are the versions:

R.version.string =  "Version 2.3.1 (2006-06-01)"
R GUI = Version 1.16 (3198)
OS = 10.4.7
Computer = 2x3GHz Mac Pro

The old bug is in the GUI and has to do with file name tab completion.
If I type:
data <- read.delim("/Users/gene/Bioinformatics/snp project/snp.2

Then hit tab to complete the file name and select the first file in  
the list, "snp.200060403.rdat" and hit tab or right arrow, I end up  

data <- read.delim("/Users/gene/Bioinformatics/snp project/snp.snp. 

You can see that the first part of the filename "snp." is  
duplicated.  If I hit tab with only "...snp." already entered rather  
than "...snp.2" entered, the tab completion works properly.

I have just switched to the Mac Pro and the Universal version of R  
and have found two new bugs.  One is with history completion using  
the up arrow.  If I run a command that includes a hash sign, then hit  
the up arrow, the line is truncated at the hash:

 > zz <- "hello#world"
[up arrow]
 > zz <- "hello

The second bug is with plotting. The outline=FALSE option appears to  
be ignored for the boxplot.
This is the specific code I'm using:
boxplot(the.values ~ the.snps.factor[,i], add=TRUE, boxwex=.25,  
outline=FALSE, border="#757575bf")

When I ran this on my PowerMac, this would allow the points from the  
previously drawn stripchart to remain visible, but now the outline=F  
option is ignored and the boxplot obscures the existing points on the  

Finally, a feature request:  A search field for the history.  It can  
be hard to find things in the history drawer, especially since multi- 
line entries only show their first line in the drawer, so I am forced  
to save the history and open it in a text editor, or search through  
the main console.  And the main point of the history drawer is to not  
have to look through the console window.



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