[R-SIG-Mac] R.app editor - Editor Function List

Parlamis Franklin fparlamis at mac.com
Mon Sep 18 22:46:19 CEST 2006

Hi Simon,

	Since we've got some momentum on the R.app discussions, I figured  
I'd throw this in the fray.

	First, though, let me say that I quite like R.app.  I've tried ESS  
mode in Aquamacs EMacs, but (arriving late to the UNIX party) just  
haven't been up to the task of learning all my <Alt>-this and <Meta>- 
thats.  For those who are "into" Macs qua Macs, I think a Cocoa-based  
GUI is a great idea that should meet with increasing use.

	The Editor Function List (EFL) should be made "S4-aware."   The EFL  
only displays entries for validity methods defined in 'setClass'  
calls (and then it only displays the word "validity" in the drop-down  
list (many, many times if many validity methods are defined)).  It  
also doesn't display any information from 'setMethod' and 'setAs'  
calls, which are the primary mechanism for defining functions (the  
latter, coercion functions) in the S4 system.  Even though S4 is  
still being developed, I don't imagine that 'setClass', 'setMethod',  
'setGeneric', 'setAs' and 'setValidity' syntax will be changing, so I  
don't think it would be premature to have the EFL recognize these.

	I am guessing that the EFL is looking for syntax of the form '[name]  
= function(...)' or '[name] <- function(...)'.  I would be happy to  
assist you by listing the new syntax patterns it should look for to  
capture S4 function assignments.  It might be very helpful to have  
methods indexed in the drop-down list by generic and signature.


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