[R-SIG-Mac] windows that cannot be killed with R gui

Rob J Goedman goedman at mac.com
Fri Sep 15 16:59:04 CEST 2006

Hi Denis,

Thanks for the response. This helps a lot.

AppleScript is just a sure way to trigger this behavior as we force- 
create an event. But I know there are other operations that trigger  
the reappearing of windows in a similar way. Most of these windows  
show up in the window list and at least those you can reselect and  
then close (but will stay in the list unfortunately). Furthermore,  
some windows don't show up in the list at all and can never be closed.

We do have an idea why the list gets corrupted (since Mac OS 10.4)  
but haven't figured out how to fix this the right way. As you  
mentioned, it is addressed right now which should minimize the  
annoyance, but by merely plugging hopefully most of the holes. Being  
an ex-Dutch boy, how many thumps does one have to plug all these  
holes ...

Hence my earlier question, please let me know if you see windows  
reappearing after installing version 3770 of R.app.


On Sep 15, 2006, at 3:08 AM, Denis Chabot wrote:

> Hi Rob
> Le 06-09-15 à 00:56, Rob J Goedman a écrit :
>> Denis,
>> This might be an example of the dangling windows I mentioned  
>> yesterday.
>> Although I have never seen multiple windows popup at the same  
>> time. But if
>> left on the screen, I have seen multiple accumulate.
> There seems to be a difference between what happens to us. First,  
> Applescripting is not involved in my case. Second, these windows  
> never pop up in my case. I did create this windows earlier in my  
> session. But I closed them (either with the red button at the upper  
> left or by doing command-w) when I wanted to dismiss them. With mac  
> applications, including R gui in the past (I don't know how far in  
> the past, because I did not write down when I first had these  
> problems, which is at least many months ago), a window dismissed in  
> either of these manners also disappears from the Windows menu. You  
> need to minimize a window for it to stay in the menu.
> However some (not all) of the windows I dismiss remain in the  
> Windows menu. They do disappear the moment I dismiss them, but they  
> remain in the Windows menu. Hence if I select them in that menu,  
> they reappear on my screen. Dismissing them again does not remove  
> them from the Windows menu.
> Not a major problem, but my Windows menu becomes messier than I'd  
> like.
>> Can you see any of those windows in the window list. Can you  
>> select the
>> window (click in the window list) and then try to close it?
> See above, but in brief, yes, yes, yes to the 3 questions, but  
> after doing so the window is still listed (and available) in the  
> Windows menu (list).
>> Do you remember when you first noticed these windows? Did you use
>> help or the workspace manager earlier and then closed them? Did  
>> they popup
>> a bit later - in my case often when I use AppleScript to make R  
>> execute a
>> command?
> Ah, our problems may be more related than I thought. They do not  
> pop up in my case, possibly because I do not use Applescript with  
> R. But yes, I definitely created these windows earlier in my session.
>> I know, lots of questions, sorry about that.
>> If so, version 3774 should fix several of these.
>> Regards,
>> Rob
> I'll get this. I get a new nightly every week or two hoping this  
> problem has been elucidated, but not so far. I'm anxious to try  
> 3774 now that you give me reasons to think this was addressed.
> Bye,
> Denis
>> On Sep 14, 2006, at 8:02 PM, Denis Chabot wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Many weeks ago (months in fact) I reported that during sessions  
>>> where
>>> I created many graphics windows, some of them eventually became
>>> "immortal": clicking the red button or doing command-W removes the
>>> windows from view they remain in the Windows menu.
>>> I am not producing many graphics these days, so I can't say if this
>>> is still happening. However I have right now a session open in which
>>> a help window, a help topics window and the workspace manager window
>>> are impossible to remove from the Windows'menu, even though I did a
>>> command-w on each of them.
>>> This is with version 3765 of the R gui.
>>> Denis
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