[R-SIG-Mac] Problem loading RSQLite

Allan Hollander numenius at magpienest.org
Mon Nov 20 04:43:26 CET 2006

I've been trying to get RSQLite working and have run into a  
difficulty. This is on a iBook G3 running Mac OS 10.4.8, using the  
CRAN binary of R 2.4.0, and with the binary of RSQLite 0.4-13. I get  
the same problem with both the RSQLite binary from CRAN and the one  
from the http://R.research.att.com/ repository. I have no problems  
installing the binary but when I try to load it I get the following  


 > library(RSQLite)
Loading required package: DBI
Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) :
	unable to load shared library '/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/ 
library/RSQLite/libs/ppc/RSQLite.so, 6): Symbol not found:  
   Referenced from: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/2.4/ 
   Expected in: dynamic lookup
Error in library(RSQLite) : .First.lib failed for 'RSQLite'

Can anyone offer a fix for this? Searching through the R-SIG-Mac  
archives I seen references to similar errors with other packages  
(e.g. the thread here https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-mac/2006- 
September/003263.html) but have yet to see a solution.

Thanks, Allan Hollander

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