[R-SIG-Mac] help2man problem installing R-2.3.0 from source

Jean Thioulouse jthioulo at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Wed May 17 09:59:31 CEST 2006


Thanks for the message. I installed GNU readline 5.1, but i still get
the help2man error.


At 22:12 -0400 16/05/06, Simon Urbanek wrote:
>thanks for tracking this down, excellent work!
>The reason for CRAN R binary working is simply that it uses GNU 
>readline instead of Apple's libedit (which is disguised as readline 
>btw).  A simple work-around is therefore to install GNU readline 
>(see the R for Mac OS X FAQ for details, don't forget 
>I think I may be able to reproduce this on my laptop, I'll try that 
>tomorrow and see if I can fix it.

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