[R-SIG-Mac] Double-Click on Quartz device to Set Graph Parameters?

Geoffrey Hutchison grh25 at cornell.edu
Fri Jul 7 21:38:38 CEST 2006


I'm a longtime R user and really love the R.app version for Mac OS X.  
One thing I've noticed I do frequently is to double click on a graph  
in the Quartz device to try to set the parameters (e.g., font, size,  
marker, color...). Maybe I'm just too used to programs like Excel,  
Keynote, Aabel, Kaleidagraph, ChartSmith, etc. which do this on the Mac.

So I'm curious if this is a possible future feature for the Quartz  
device? I'm thinking just a generic double click opens a Parameters  
dialog for the whole thing. (Somehow, I think this would be easier  
than trying to differentiate between clicks on different regions in  
the device.)

I guess while I'm asking for wish-list items, it'd be great to see  
support for LinkBack (http://linkbackproject.org/) so that pasting a  
graph in Keynote would let me edit and open up R.app with the  
appropriate workspace.

Thanks for all the hard work on R.app and keep up the great work!

-Dr. Geoffrey Hutchison        <grh25 at cornell.edu>
Cornell University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Abruña Group                http://abruna.chem.cornell.edu/

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