[R-SIG-Mac] editors

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at cuddyvalley.org
Wed Jan 4 17:25:15 CET 2006

There was a recent thread on Mac text editors. I don't remember
seeing smultron (smultron.sourceforge.net) -- which is pure
cocoa, is thus very macosx, has rectangular selection, has line numbers,
projects, a toolbar, a drawer for snippets, show invisibles, html
preview, html help, dotmac synchronization, parantheses matching,  
regular expression
and multi-document search. It can serve as an external editor for FTP  
TeX programs and has a command-line version. It's freeware and an active
sourceforge project. If you don't like X11 and Swing and are starting to
dislike the usual Carbon look more and more, this is a good choice.

It has syntax coloring for about 25 languages (not for R/S), but syntax
coloring is easy to add as a plist to the application bundle.

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