[R-SIG-Mac] tutorials and statistical aspect

benn@bgu.ac.il benn at bgu.ac.il
Wed Feb 8 16:56:57 CET 2006

 >There are lots of tutorials at 

I have those of course. I was looking for further tutorials.

 >What do you mean the "statistical aspect" of R?

I mean using and building statistical models for data analysis 
specifying the possibilities of variations appearing in R. An example 
would be specifying Split-plot ANOVA with both random and fixed 
A lot of the tutorials in above url try to explain R as a programming 
language and therefore cannot allow too many explanation. That is the 
case of "Jack of all trades... etc." R is useful for quite a lot of 
things, however I'm looking for something like a statistics course in 
Just to prevent misunderstanding, I do own, and am familiar with, 
exhaustive statistical texts. So I don't exactly need a course in 

Thanks in advance,


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