[R-SIG-Mac] R Console on Cocoa printing question

Mick McQuaid mcq at umich.edu
Tue Feb 7 20:26:49 CET 2006

I'm sorry to ask what must be such a newbie question, but I
can't find an answer online, nor can I figure it out for
myself.  When I use the printer icon on the R console to
save the R console to a pdf file, I get results like those
shown at http://mickmcquaid.com/example.pdf, the page is not
wide enough, so each page is divided into two pages, with
about a column of numbers on the second page.

I tried two strategies to deal with this.  One was to use
the Mac OS X print dialog, which offers some possibilities.
For instance, I can change the paper.  If I change it to
landscape, I get the same result because the margins don't
change, so the output only uses a small fraction of the
printed page.

This behavior led to the second strategy.  At the R command
line, I try to say things like
to affect the width of the output.  All these choices seem
to lead to output of exactly the same width---not on the
display, but in the resulting pdf.

Can anyone tell me how to overcome this or even the proper
keywords to google to figure it out?  I've looked through a
bunch of the R-sig-mac archives, and I've tried a few
keyword searches, but to no success so far.

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