[R-SIG-Mac] changing default console font in R.app

Kieran Healy kjhealy at arizona.edu
Sat Dec 30 20:32:59 CET 2006

Hi all,

am I right in thinking that the default font for the R.app console  
cannot be changed? I am running 2.4.1 and R.app 1.18 (4038) on OS X  
10.4.8 (PPC).

The FAQ says you can, by choosing Preferences > Text Windows tab,  
from where "You can change the font size, face and the tab size in  
all the windows including the Console." But this doesn't correspond  
to the preferences window in the current version of R.app. There,  
there is no "Text Windows" pane. Instead the "Console" pane allows  
you to set colors and transparency, but not fonts. The "Format" menu  
does allow the console font to be changed, but this change never  
sticks, even for the duration of the session: any new console input  
immediately causes the font to switch back to the default.

I'm just wondering whether I'm missing anything here, or whether it  
just isn't possible to make this change at present.



Kieran Healy :: http://www.u.arizona.edu/~kjhealy
Assistant Professor, Sociology Dept, University of Arizona.

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