Ryan Hafen ryan.hafen at utah.edu
Thu Aug 3 02:47:10 CEST 2006

Is anyone else having trouble with R's GUI for Mac OS X?  It is hard  
to recreate my problem, but many times when I am using R's editor and  
I try to add comments, it unexpectedly quits.  It doesn't happen all  
the time, but just randomly.  I'm running R 2.3.1 with GUI 1.16  
(3198) on a G5 with OS 10.4.7.  This has been a problem with previous  
versions of R for me too.  I've been subscribed to this newsletter  
for a few months now and I haven't heard anyone else say anything  
about it so I'm wondering if it is not a widespread problem.  I'll  
see if I can do more to find a systematic way to recreate it, but  
like I said, it's just kind of random.

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