[R-SIG-Mac] R 2.1.1 available in DarwinPorts

Bill Northcott w.northcott at unsw.edu.au
Thu Sep 8 08:41:19 CEST 2005

On 08/09/2005, at 2:02 PM, Jan de Leeuw wrote:
> I assume the fsf gfortran patches do not wind up in the apple
> cvs branch, unless apple explicitly puts them there.

It just gets updated when Apple do their merges with the FSF tree.   
The latest corresponds to the gcc-4.0.1 release.  All I do to get the  
patches is diff four directories (gcc/fortran, gcc/testsuite/ 
gfortran.dg, gcc/testsuite/gfortran.fortran-torture and libgfortran)  
against the current gcc-4_0-branch from the cvs.  The only thing to  
watch is that you don't overwrite the couple of 'APPLE LOCAL'  

Then all you have to do to build gfortran on a G5 is to add 'f95' (or  
it may have changed to gfortran) to the list of langauges in  
build_gcc.  Finally when it is all built you need to manually copy  
the fortran runtime library to the distribution tree.   Otherwise  
your code won't run!
> I am also interested if the patched gfortran works with vecLib
> and supports its complex blas.

That sounds like a good question, but rather beyond my competence to  


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