[R-SIG-Mac] Creating Mac binary packages

Keith Satterley keith at wehi.edu.au
Tue Nov 29 07:59:57 CET 2005


In an email to the list in July  this year  James Wettenhall asked the 
following, regarding the creation of a mac binary package.

 >> Or are these the only choices?
 > >1. Build a Mac binary every time I update the version number in the 
 >>   OR
 >> 2. Tell all users that they need to use type="source", now.
 >>   OR
 >> 3. Submit my package to a repository where Win32 and Mac binaries 
are built for me.

You responded Simon with:

 > I would recommend 3 if the package is of general interest or 1 if for
 > some reason you don't want to publish is openly. I would discourage 2
 > for the reasons mentioned above....(need development tools 
 > For now you can "fake" the .tgz file, but that is also discouraged as
 > the binary may in fact be different (e.g. code in saved image etc.)
 > and may change with future versions.

I would like to produce Mac binary packages so that I can install them 
on other Macs in our building, which don't have the the development 
tools on them. This is mainly for testing before I release a version to 

Is there something particularly magical about creating a binary Mac 
package as I can't seem to find much on doing it, apart from sending it 
off to CRAN. I can create a .tar.gz file on Mac or Windows and a binary 
package on Windows. but I haven't worked out the Mac binary procedure,



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