[R-SIG-Mac] R Editor - syntax coloring

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Mon May 2 20:28:48 CEST 2005


On Apr 29, 2005, at 12:24 PM, John Marsland wrote:

> The new syntax coloring option in the R Editor preferences looks  
> great, but on large R script files (mine is 500 lines) slows the  
> refresh down incredibly.

Please try the current nightly build (1452) from http:// 
It features an optimized version of syntax highlighting that does  
till-the-end-rescan only for multi-line strings. Please let me know  
whether it solves your problem. If it's still too slow, please remove  
all functions from the code (i.e. just replace "function" by let's  
say "funct.ion") as to see whether the function scanning is the  
problem or not.


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