[R-SIG-Mac] Cocoa gui with embedded R framework

stefano iacus jago at mclink.it
Wed Mar 23 19:40:09 CET 2005

You should set R_HOME in the env vars of the R executable (see the  
INSTALL file in the xcode project of R.app)

Otherwise you can set R_HOME as a global var. It's a global prefs file  
(I don't remember now which one) that is used by the Finder on OS X to  
set env vars.

Simon? Could this be done at run-time (for this specific version of  
R.app of Kjell) by setting it relative to R.app path before  
kickstarting R?

In any case, I would be pleased to know if is works after moving around  
R.app on the system or even after installing a package and move again  
R.app around.


On 23/mar/05, at 19:28, Kjell Konis wrote:

> Hi,
> Background:
> I am trying to build the cocoa gui with R.framework embedded as a  
> private framework.  The first thing I did was make a copy of  
> R.framework and use install_name_tool to change the install location  
> of libR.dylib to  
> "@executable_path/../Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/2.0.1/Resources/ 
> lib/libR.dylib".  Then I changed the settings in the R.xcode project  
> to link against this custom R.framework and copy it into  
> R.app/Contents/Frameworks (for some reason I had to add the full paths  
> to R.framework/Headers and R.framework/PrivateHeaders even with the  
> framework search path set to the directory containing R.framework -  
> weird).  Anyway, the project builds successfully but fails to start  
> because the R_HOME environment variable is not set.  The only mention  
> of R_HOME I can find in R.xcode is in the Info.plist file but changing  
> the value there doesn't seem to have any effect.
> Question:
> How does the R_HOME get set when the R is launched from the cocoa gui?
> Thanks,
> Kjell
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