[R-SIG-Mac] emacs/ess problems

Don MacQueen macq at llnl.gov
Mon Jun 13 20:44:13 CEST 2005

I'm sorry you are having trouble. I have had very little trouble -- 
but I admit to using ESS only for syntax assistance.

In my home directory, I have a .emacs file. In it is this line:

(load "/erd/statistic/apps/R/ESS/ess-5.2.4/lisp/ess-site")

The first part of the path, /erd/statistic/apps/R/ESS, is a directory 
I created. It could be anything you want.
In that directory I put the ESS distribution file, i.e., 
ess-5.2.4.tar.gz, and unpacked it. This created the directory 
ess-5.2.4 and all of its subdirectories.

I believe that is *all* I have done.

I can use Emacs within an X Windows context (I've chosen to install 
this version of emacs using fink), or a Aqua-GUI version of Emacs 
that I downloaded from somewhere. Both of them recognize my ~/.emacs 
file and load ESS when I open a file with an appropriate suffix.

This same method works for me on both Solaris and OS X. In fact, the 
directory actually resides on a Solaris box and is automounted on my 
OS X box. Emacs loads ESS from the exact same set of ESS files, 
regardless of which host I login to. I don't do anything different on 
OS X than on Solaris, to make ESS available.


At 7:19 PM +0100 6/13/05, Federico Calboli wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I am having problems getting ess running with emacs... I got the 
>latest ess, untarred it, read the readmes... edited my .emacs file 
>end nothing works... Mind you, I _never_ got the blasted thing to 
>work in any Unix I worked on, with the sole exception of Debian (but 
>apt get emacs and ess talk to each other there).
>To be honest if I can drop emacs from my life altogether I won't shed 
>a tear, but in any case I'd like to ask the list:
>1) can anyone give me detailed and OSX specific instructions on how 
>to get ess work please?
>2) if anyone knows an OSX native editor that is sintax aware for R/C/
>Python, let me know. As I said, always stuck with emacs, but I'd love 
>to drop it forever.
>BTW, I am not sending any of my config files because they are 
>obviously wrong, or things would work...
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