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Rob J Goedman goedman at mac.com
Sun Feb 13 01:33:01 CET 2005


Just to make sure, which configuration are you using?

Assuming the GUI (otherwise you would see a "+" instead of the ">" 
prompt), which version of
the R.app are you using? The creation date listed in Finder will do.

I think you noticed 2 issues. Right now, there is no ? help for control 
structures. You have to go
to the language reference manual. Secondly, newer versions of R.app 
(just the GUI part, as
released by Simon on http://www.rosuda.org/R/nightly/ ) will tell you 
if there is no help for
the requested topic.

Hope this helps,

On Feb 12, 2005, at 1:22 PM, Dr. John R. Vokey wrote:

> ? followed by any of the condition statements (or help() containing 
> the condition statement)  does nothing (i.e., the help window fails to 
> open), but the line is parsed in that the prompt `>' is returned.  Is 
> this a parsing error in the help function, or (more likely) have I 
> missed some deep R construct?
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