[R-SIG-Mac] How to put nice R graphics into powerpoint

stefano iacus stefano.iacus at unimi.it
Thu Feb 10 18:20:23 CET 2005

On Feb 10, 2005, at 6:10 PM, Denis Chabot wrote:

> Hi Stefano,
> Bitmaps is what I'd like to avoid.
> Preview seems to be using QuickTime for the translation from pdf to  
> pict, and the result is bitmap. Too bad though.
yes, but as Thomas pointed out png is not that bad even with LaTeX.  
What kind of vectorial format does PowerPoint support (if any) ?

I'm not used to PowerPoint, but for example, with KeyNote (the apple  
counterpart) you can use pdf graphics directly and you still have an  
option to export the slides in PowerPoint.
Could this be another solution?


> Denis
> Le Jeudi, 10 févr 2005, à 18:05 Europe/Paris, stefano iacus a écrit :
>> You can load the pdf file produce by R in the standard Previewer of  
>> Mac OS X and export to (almost) whatever format you like including  
>> bitmaps
>> stefano
>> On Feb 10, 2005, at 5:29 PM, Denis Chabot wrote:
>>> Thank you Andrew and Thomas,
>>> I have used png produced by Illustrator in much the way you  
>>> described and the results were not very good. I'll try again because  
>>> I don't remember if I was given an option to chose the overall size  
>>> in pixels. If I can, then I'll increase the count. Alternatively, on  
>>> my iMac at home where R11 is installed, I'll resort to saving  
>>> directly in png but increasing the pixel count, as suggested by  
>>> Thomas.
>>> Still, if the information in the pdf produced by R is vector based  
>>> (it is still perfectly sharp when viewed at 1600% in Acrobat), why  
>>> can't I find a way to transform such pdf in vector-based pict? That  
>>> format must be able to handle such plots. After all, I also make  
>>> plots in KaleidaGraph, and they were very small vector-based pict  
>>> files. They looked gorgeous in Powerpoint at any zoom setting. I  
>>> also use Aabel which gives you the option of saving plots as pdf or  
>>> pict. I chose the later when I need to insert in PowerPoint, and the  
>>> former for LaTeX. Quality is good either way. Maybe I'll check if  
>>> there is a "graphics" discussion on Apple's site. If I manage to  
>>> learn something useful I'll report back.
>>> Denis
>>> Le Jeudi, 10 févr 2005, à 17:13 Europe/Paris, Andrew Beckerman a  
>>> écrit :
>>>> Denis - I use the following rather convoluted method with OS  
>>>> 10.3.8, Illustrator CS, and R2.0.1.
>>>> command-c copies a figure from the quartz window.  Open this file  
>>>> in preview and export it as a pdf file (don't know why i do  
>>>> this....).  use illustrator, and the command <place> from the file  
>>>> menu to insert it in a new document.  Choose <save for microsoft  
>>>> office> from the file menu in illustrator. this produces a png file  
>>>> that plays nicely, cross platform, with Word and PP. variations  
>>>> abound, but the goal is to get something presentable in illustrator  
>>>> and use its save for office option.....
>>>> I noticed that preview has a png choice from export, but I've not  
>>>> yet played around with its options to see if I can get the same  
>>>> quality that the save for Microsoft Office option produces in  
>>>> Illustrator.
>>>> Cheers
>>>> andrew
>>>> On 10 Feb 2005, at 15:50, Denis Chabot wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I really like the nice vector-based pdf graphics I get in R.
>>>>> However, PowerPoint seems to be unable to read them as vector  
>>>>> graphics and rasterizes them, making them quite "fuzzy" and ugly.  
>>>>> Granted, the problem lies with Microsoft, but in the mean time  
>>>>> what is the best workaround? I'd like to do better than producing  
>>>>> png from within R (especially that only my iMac has X11, my very  
>>>>> old PowerBook does not).
>>>>> I am still able to show vector graphics in pict format in  
>>>>> PowerPoint. So it should be possible to extract the vectorized  
>>>>> plot from the pdf and save it as pict, still vectorized.
>>>>> However opening the R-produced pdf in Illustrator and saving as  
>>>>> pict produces a file quite a bit bigger than the original pdf,  
>>>>> suggesting it was saved as raster pict instead of vector pict. It  
>>>>> shows up in Powerpoint just as ugly as if it was inserted directly  
>>>>> as pdf. This is true with Illustrator CS (aka v11 I think) used  
>>>>> either under 10.2.8 or 10.3.7. It is also true when using  
>>>>> GraphicConverter 5 and Preview (Jaguar's version, I think it is  
>>>>> also true with the Panther version) to go from pdf to pict.
>>>>> I fired up Canvas (old, version 8) and it did manage to save  
>>>>> something that was vectorized (i.e. very sharp when viewing at  
>>>>> 400% in PowerPoint) but the empty circles I used as symbols were  
>>>>> not filled blacks, the dashes of dashed lines had become "wiggly",  
>>>>> text orientation was unacceptably changed, etc. etc.
>>>>> So does anyone know of a technique to produce vector graphics that  
>>>>> insert nicely in PowerPoint, either directly from R or by  
>>>>> converting a pdf produced by R into something else?
>>>>> Sincerely,
>>>>> Denis Chabot
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