[R-SIG-Mac] latest two builts refuse to launch

William Revelle lists at revelle.net
Tue Apr 19 17:16:30 CEST 2005

Simon and Denis,

Trying to be a good netizin I too tried the Mac nightly build of 
R.app  from Simon's page.  This is the R-GUI.dmg file that a few days 
ago worked beautifully. (Thank you for the nice additions).

However, when launching the program from the finder (not Terminal), I 
got the error -10810 reported by Denis.

I am running Mac OSX 10.3.8

I just tried downloading it again, with the same problem.

Simon says that "R is supposed to be run in Terminal or other 
shell-like environment" but in fact the daily build of late last week 
was double clickable from the Finder, leading me to believe that it 
was meant to behave that way.

I am running R 2.0.1 with Mac Gui 1.01.  It was the attempt at Mac 
Gui 1.0.2 pre experimental build 1393 that is causing the problem.

Thanks for all the good work.


At 9:17 AM -0500 4/19/05, Simon Urbanek wrote:
>On Apr 19, 2005, at 5:14 AM, Denis Chabot wrote:
>>I downloaded versions of R dating from 17 and 18 of April. Both 
>>refuse to launch. I don't know if the problem is with these builds 
>>or with my recent upgrade to 10.3.9...
>We didn't release a binary for Mac OS yet, so there are many 
>possibilities of what could have went wrong - please describe how 
>you build your R.
>>Double-clicking produces a short dialog indicating error -10810
>Umm.. how can you double-click R? R is supposed to be run in 
>Terminal or other shell-like environment.
>>The log that automatically opens when I launch Console.app says:
>>2005-04-19 05:59:23.547 SystemUIServer[441] app path = /Applications/R.app
>R.app has not been released for R 2.1 yet, so I'm wondering what you 
>are trying there. Did you build R.app from the current sources? Note 
>that the nightly build uses R 2.0 and is therefore not compatible 
>with R 2.1. We will switch to 2.1 only after the official release of 
>binaries for Mac OS X.
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