[R-SIG-Mac] Using quartz-device from Emacs+ess

Armin Goralczyk agoralczyk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 10:15:01 CEST 2005

Hi list
I am new to the list so the following might have been adressed already
(Sorry, but I searched and found only emails from 2003).
I'd like to use the quartz device from emacs+ess (installed via fink,
running in apple X11). I like the RAqua GUI (Thanks!), but it would be
most comfortable to have everything in emacs (for me).
First I tried:
started the device with
and I can plot on it and I see the plot in the window
but I can'''t do anything with the window (resize, save,etc) since the
"rainbow ball" is spinning all the time. Is there a solution to this
Since I can see my plots, but nothing alse, I thought to plot on a pdf
or jpeg device for saving/printing. But if I use
pdf() or jpeg()
and plot onto the device
the file cannot be opened from Preview.app or Adobe reader and the
file size is 0kb. What's the matter?
Thanks for help.

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