[R-SIG-Mac] installation of source library with fortran code

Andreas Quandt a.quandt at web.de
Mon Nov 15 12:52:26 CET 2004

dear bryon,

> Could you post a transcript of what you're trying to do? 

i try to make a package from existing r functions. that means i load the 
functions with "source()" in R and use "package.skeleton()". After it i 
add the fortran code (written under win) in the src-folder and try "R 
CMD check" which tells me the package is not a source package:

* checking for working latex ... OK
* using log directory '/Users/andqua/Documents/TMP/Test.Rcheck'
* checking for file 'Rsmooth/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
* checking if this is a source package ... ERROR
Only *source* packages can be checked.

If i try to build a tar.gz file with "R CMD build" than i get following 

(andqua at g4an:Rlibrary)R CMD INSTALL Test/ -l 
* Installing *binary* package 'Test' ...
* DONE (Test)

for my understanding this should be wrong because the package is no 
binary and if i try to load this package with "library(test)" i get the 
error message that the packagae is unknown.

So i guss the problem is the fortran code (devweloped under win xp)  but 
i have no idea to solve this problem because should can compile the code 
because g77 is installed and gcc also.
Furthermore i have no administrative rights at this pc but that should 
be not a problem if i change add my own folder "Rlibrary" with 
".libPaths()" to the known libraries.

hope the descripion of my problem was more detailed now and helps to 
find a answer for my problem.
best regards

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