[R-SIG-Mac] Strange message and problem installing packages

Romuald Riem rriem at free.fr
Fri Nov 12 15:29:06 CET 2004


I have uppgraded to R 2.0 and to MacOS X.3.5
The new GUI is very (very) impressive but I have noticed this message when I
try to install new packages:

dyld: tar version mismatch for library: /usr/local/lib/libiconv.2.dylib
(compatibility version of user: 5.0.0 greater than library's version: 4.0.0)

And then, the GUI "freeze".

I have the same problem when I use R in the "Terminal" or in "Xterm".

Have any idea on can I fix that ?

Thanks in advance.

Romuald Riem


platform powerpc-apple-darwin6.8
arch     powerpc   
os       darwin6.8 
system   powerpc, darwin6.8
major    2         
minor    0.0       
year     2004      
month    10        
day      04        
language R

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