[R-SIG-Mac] a problem with C code in the Cocoa version of R

Stephane DRAY stephane.dray at umontreal.ca
Fri Nov 5 17:46:41 CET 2004

Hello all,
I have develop a small package with C code. The package works well with 
R-1.9.1 on windows and mac os x. One colleague has install R 2.0.0 on its 
mac and the cocoa interface. The library works well in terminal or aqua-gui 
version, but not with the cocoa version. I have to test what is exactly the 
problem, but I am quite sure that the problem is with the C code. The 
functions works well but the C code does not transform any of the 
arguments. The call is something like:
.C("myfunc", res=as.double(rep(0,n)), x=...). The vector res must be 
transformed by the C function but nothing happens.
What is very strange is that it happens only for the cocoa version.
I would like to know if others have encounter this kind of problems. I 
will  test different things to be more informative and produce a better 
description of the problem


PS: please reply to my personal address as I am not a member of this list 
... I am a poor windoze user but I think I will soon migrate to your 
community ;-)

Stéphane DRAY

Département des Sciences Biologiques
Université de Montréal, C.P. 6128, succursale centre-ville
Montréal, Québec H3C 3J7, Canada

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