[R-SIG-Mac] Using Obj-C from R

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at math.uni-augsburg.de
Tue Nov 2 21:08:23 CET 2004


On Nov 2, 2004, at 2:20 PM, Duncan Temple Lang wrote:

> FWIW, I have put the original package I developed
> to access ObjectiveC code from R on the Omegahat Web site
>  http://www.omegahat.org/RObjectiveC

thanks for sharing this with us!
Since the death of franz I could not find any Omegahat CVS repository 
with RObjectiveC in it (Jan and I were looking for it a while ago), 
that's why I put up the Cocoa draft here.

 From the quick look I could take at RObjectiveC it seems that your 
package is much more complete, provides good type conversion and is 
using S4 objects which has some benefits concerning reflection. At any 
rate I'm sure this surely helps to build the Cocoa widget package.

As of Obj-C and Linux: I guess our primary target is Darwin - once we 
have that well covered, we can tinkle with the GNU step support.


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