[R-SIG-Mac] An example of Cocoa GUI for R

stefano iacus jago at mclink.it
Tue May 18 10:24:55 CEST 2004

On May 18, 2004, at 9:25 AM, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> On May 17, 2004, at 11:34 PM, Byron Ellis wrote:
>>> The problem is our "time" and writing docs require some. I think 
>>> that in june, probably after 1.9.1, we can have a documented  
>>> skeleton on how to implement your own GUI.
>> Heh, in re-reading I see I edited out that actual verb in my first 
>> sentence there. The suggestion was to expose the source in truly-ugly 
>> form without any documentation and watch the pathetic flailing of 
>> your devoted fans. It would provide for some entertainment at least 
>> :-)
> Aaah, a good idea - I forgot that the stuff is not in the R CVS ;) 
> Stefano, can you just put a tar ball (with some disclaimer :P) on the 
> page, please? The "glue" with the R console stuff is likely to change, 
> but I'd like some comments on the Obj-C R interface (it can be also 
> used w/o the GUI).
> The Obj-C code (the GUI is all Obj-C) is much more readable than the C 
> code, so it may be understandable even w/o too many comments :P
>>> I don't want to document too much what we have done since now 
>>> because what we have now  won't be like the final  design we have in 
>>> mind for several reasons. Among the others: the aqua module (like 
>>> other gui modules) will be absorbed in to R.bin and this is going to 
>>> happen is r-devel pretty soon.
>> Thats...interesting didn't they just split those modules out?
> I didn't get this either - are there some posts about this? I hoped 
> the reverse would be the case - make the "module" approach even more 
> modular than it is now (but then I don't even know what the plans are 
> ...).

I apologize, I just see now that I wrote non-sense :^P
What I meant is that aqua.c will be put inside  "main" and not under 
the unix/ stuff. Specifically to aqua.c: I want to put in there all the 
api to access directly the Cocoa bundle. What we have implemented now 
(Simon) is to let the aqua module call the bundle, i.e. a module 
loading another module.

As for the modules in general: the latest plan we have discussed (but 
not decided yet) is to make all the GUI not modules but packages. This 
allows for more flexibility (for example, you add and api to the 
package not into R itself and you don't need to rebuilt everything, 
just the package)

I think this and many other stuff are going to be discussed at useR by 
the available r-cores.

I'll put a tarball of the RCocoaBundle, just leave me few hours as I 
have other priorities these days...

> Cheers,
> Simon
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