[R-SIG-Mac] An example of Cocoa GUI for R

Simon Urbanek Simon.Urbanek at math.uni-augsburg.de
Tue May 18 09:25:30 CEST 2004

On May 17, 2004, at 11:34 PM, Byron Ellis wrote:
>> The problem is our "time" and writing docs require some. I think that 
>> in june, probably after 1.9.1, we can have a documented  skeleton on 
>> how to implement your own GUI.
> Heh, in re-reading I see I edited out that actual verb in my first 
> sentence there. The suggestion was to expose the source in truly-ugly 
> form without any documentation and watch the pathetic flailing of your 
> devoted fans. It would provide for some entertainment at least :-)

Aaah, a good idea - I forgot that the stuff is not in the R CVS ;) 
Stefano, can you just put a tar ball (with some disclaimer :P) on the 
page, please? The "glue" with the R console stuff is likely to change, 
but I'd like some comments on the Obj-C R interface (it can be also 
used w/o the GUI).

The Obj-C code (the GUI is all Obj-C) is much more readable than the C 
code, so it may be understandable even w/o too many comments :P

>> I don't want to document too much what we have done since now because 
>> what we have now  won't be like the final  design we have in mind for 
>> several reasons. Among the others: the aqua module (like other gui 
>> modules) will be absorbed in to R.bin and this is going to happen is 
>> r-devel pretty soon.
> Thats...interesting didn't they just split those modules out?

I didn't get this either - are there some posts about this? I hoped the 
reverse would be the case - make the "module" approach even more 
modular than it is now (but then I don't even know what the plans are 


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